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Created in a hotel room in Chicago, brought to life in Mexico, and based in Melbourne, Those Who Wander Design embodies the concept of the #laptoplifestyle; a service-based business that can be built and operated anywhere our travels decide to take us!

Hence the name, ‘Those Who Wander’.    


(Yes, we are fans of J.R.R. Tolkein’s work if you recognise the reference.)


The TWWD team are on hand to assist with all your creative design needs, including:

- Website design & construction

- Graphic design services (e.g. logo creation, brand guidelines, brochures, posters, signage)

- Social media marketing, engagement & content generation

- Copywriting & content creation


With experience in designing for small, medium, and large-scale (sometimes global) business enterprises, Those Who Wander Design will ensure that all your business needs are considered when developing your final product.


Our design mantra is not just about creating products that look pretty, but also provide efficiencies in business operations.






Life is about balance and growth and we approach our design process with those two things in mind. 

We're here to help our clients grow through the creative design of key marketing tools such as brand identities (logos), brochures, ebooks, stationery, and signage. & we achieve balance through the creation of websites that aren't just communication tools, but full business management platforms instead.  


Let us wander along on your business journey with you.