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social media

In a world of #hashtags, posts, likes and dislikes, social media has become one of the predominant marketing platforms for not just individual, but also businesses. In a rapidly expanding global market place, effective management of a company’s social media can influence the success and failure of a business.


Crafting social media channels is not as simple as setting up an account on Instagram or Facebook and simply posting photos of the latest project you have been working on. It's about ensuring that your posts and subsequent comments reflect the nature of your brand, the values of your company and ultimately, the quality of the products or services you have on offer. 


A high quality social presence shows that care, attention to detail and quality are the foundation of a company. 


However, as with anything in this day and age, there is an ebb and flow that happens with social media and Those Who Wander Design is here to help businesses navigate this battle by ensuring regular, high quality content is posted and that your business is staying relevant in the daily market place. We utilise several different planning programs which allow us to schedule multiple posts in advance and then sit back and watch the 'likes' come in. We also, of course, have the ability to post at our leisure and ensure that any posts are reflective of a businesses brand values first and foremost.